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Our Partners

Official Partners

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ActiveSG is an all-encompassing and inclusive national movement for sport, brought to you by Sport Singapore. Poised to be a lifestyle destination for Singaporeans, ActiveSG will offer individuals, families and communities ample opportunities to experience and share the joy of living better through sport.

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100PLUS is the pioneer, and also the driving force that redefined the isotonic category with their unique flavour and taste. Bottle by bottle, they have boldly shaken the market, stirring taste buds and winning hearts, and established themselves from a sports drink known only to marathon runners to become the essential hydrating source for millions of people everyday.


Ice Mountain

Ice Mountain is a brand under the F&N umbrella. They are the No. 1 bottled water brand in Singapore, trusted for their quality and purity. F&N is committed to meeting the health and wellness needs of consumers in the region and across the world. They are driven by its overarching philosophy of Pure Enjoyment, Pure Goodness. Currently, they have built a wide and exciting portfolio of beverage and food products with a strong emphasis on healthy enjoyment. 

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Yonex & Sunrise       


YONEX constantly strives for perfection. In order to achieve the best results possible, YONEX is guided by an unshakable company philosophy and a robust set of management policies. Furthermore, the design of their corporate logo is rich with the values and messages they wish to communicate throughout the world.

Mikasa Corporation is a sports equipment company with its corporate headquarters in Nishi-ku, Hiroshima, Japan.

Their football, basketball, volleyball, waterpolo and handball are often used for official competitions. Notably, Mikasa volleyballs are the official balls for all Fédération Internationale de Volleyball worldwide competitions, and numerous domestic leagues outside of North America.[4]

Mikasa volleyballs are the official ball for the 2012 London Olympics.

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Gilbert is a sports equipment manufacturing brand, specialising in rugby union and netball.

The company was established by William Gilbert, a cobbler, in 1823, who along with his nephew, James, developed footballs for the neighbouring Rugby School. In 2002, after experiencing financial difficulties following a management buyout, Gilbert was purchased by Grays International.

Gilbert have supplied an unprecedented 6 Rugby World Cups in a row; starting with in 1995 in South Africa till England in 2015.

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Temasek Club, a registered society established since 1982, is the SAF Officers' Club for all active Officers (regulars and NSFs), SAF Officers, Senior Military Experts and NS Appointment Holders. Its purpose is to promote greater cohesion and interaction among officers. 

Supporting Partners

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Singapore Athletics

Singapore Athletics was founded in 1934, with historic footprints began more than 60 years ago when we opened the doors to Singapore’s early athletes at the Farrer Park Stadium. Since then, the Assoication toiled and grown, and is now poised to chart new territories for the future. Under the helm of a new dynamic team of volunteers and full-time secretariat, the association will take bold strides to nurture talents and work towards a holistic athlete development and making competitive athletics a viable career.

Singapore Athletics is a member of the IAAF and domestically, it is responsible – by its legal status, its recognition from the IAAF and its own constitution – for sanctioning, promoting, expanding, and strengthening athletics in Singapore.

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Singapore Badminton Association

Singapore Badminton Association is the National Sporting Association for badminton. The association is charged with the training and performance of their national athletes and the national and international competitions. Badminton is the 5th most participated sport with regular players projected minimally at 170,000!      

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Basketball Association of Singapore

The Basketball Association of Singapore was set up in 1934, and the sport was greatly exposed to Singaporeans after they organized a Malaysia and Singapore Basketball Championship. Its mission is to increase overall basketball participation and develop basketball into a competitive elite team sport. It also plans to rejuvenate interest in the sport and increase basketball contribution to the economy.

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Fencing Singapore 

Fencing is the Governing Body overall in-charge of promotion and development of Fencing in Singapore.  Fencing Singapore hopes to encourage, promote, develop and nurture fencing and fencers of all levels in Singapore.

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Football Association of Singapore

The Football Association of Singapore is responsible for developing and advancing the game at all levels. Providing a structure for the game to flourish and governing the running of football in Singapore, the FAS also ensures that the Laws of the Game are adhered to, from the professional S.League to amateur leagues.

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Singapore Cycling Federation

The Singapore Cycling Federation, established in 1958, aims to promote cycling in Singapore by developing both the recreational and competitive aspects of the sport and all its respective disciplines like Road, Mountain Bike and BMX. SCF's vision is to facilitate the opportunity for all in Singapore to develop cycling as a core life skill. 

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Singapore Rugby Union

The Singapore Rugby Union aims to be a prominent, influential and respected Union in Asian rugby and Singapore sport. It intends to optimize accessibility and increase participation in modified and contact rugby through development programmes for players, teachers and coaches.

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Singapore Sailing Federation

The Singapore Sailing Federation aims to inspire Singaporeans by winning a medal for Singapore at the Olympics and raising their sailors’ world rankings. By getting more Singaporeans, every student included, to go sailing, they intend to make Singapore a regional hub of competition and cruising, upholding high standards of sportsmanship and seamanship.


Singapore Shooting Association

SSA is committed to do the right things and do things right. The council deliberates every single policy and scrutinizes every plan to ensure that it is beneficial to Singapore Shooting. The staff is committed to ensuring that the best programs are developed for the Singaporeans, the best and talented shooters are identified and appropriate training can be given to them. At the operational level, the staff ensures that policies are carried out in accordance to the intent of SSA. This will ensure that the shooters needs are taken care of and that all shooters are treated fairly.

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Singapore Table Tennis Association

The STTA is committed to its mission: To develop world class table tennis players by identifying, nurturing and motivating aspiring table-tennis talents to become the best that they could be.  The emphasis on youth development at the STTA has never been greater and a key goal for STTA is to identify and groom talented athletes from a very young age.

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Singapore Taekwondo Federation

Singapore Taekwondo Federation has a tradition of helping potential players realize their dreams of being champions and contributing to the community. It aims to inculcate the right values in its members, promote the art and sport widely, provide participants with optimum opportunities to develop their potential by having sound support, development programmes and services and play a role in supporting the Singapore Government’s programmes and helping charitable causes.


Volleyball Association of Singapore

The Volleyball Association of Singapore was established in 1961, and it aims to promote volleyball as a popular sport and to identify and nurture talents in all domains of the game. It values integrity, perseverance and teamwork, and its mission is to promote and arrange volleyball competitions for the benefit of the affiliated clubs, associations and teams desiring to visit the Republic.